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Registration for the conference is mandatory to participate in the workshops. The delegates can participate in two workshops which is included in the conference registration. Each delegate can choose one option, either A or B. The delegates cannot inter-change between the two halls.

There are two Hands-on on “Ultrasound in Infertility (Hall A)” and “Real Time Simulator for Ovum Pickup and Embryo Transfer (Hall B)”. The hands-on will be held in the respective halls.

Option A (Hall A)
Andrology and Male Infertility (08:30 am to 11:00 am)
Ultrasound (11:10 am to 03:30 pm)

Option B (Hall B)
Embryology / IUI (08:30 am to 09:50 am)
Ovulation Induction (09:50 am to 02:45 pm)