List of Accepted Papers

Paper IDTitle
414Short-Term Wind Speed Forecasting using Different LSTM Deep Learning Methods
412Firefly Algorithm-Based Enhancement of MRI Images for Improved Brain Tumor Detection and Blockchain-Ensured Security
410Predictive Analysis of Mental Health Using Machine Learning for Depression Prediction
408AI based Phase Identification to Integrate Distributed Energy Resources in Distribution Network
407AACM: Adaptive Approximate Compressor for Multipliers.
406Area and Delay Optimized Approximate Parallel Prefix Adders for Image Processing Applications
405LSTM based Predictive Leader Follower Control Scheme for Networked Drones
398Performance analysis of a Deep Learning-based Object Detection Approach for Post-disaster Buildings Damage Level Assessment using YOLO and Faster R-CNN
396Predicting Brain Age Using Lightweight 3D CNN Architecture from T1-Weighted MRI Images
395Integrating Industrial PV-Battery Systems with Utility Grid: Techno Economic Analysis for an Industry
390Adverse Weather Object Detection using Customised YOLO models
381Implementation of Machine learning and Ensemble learning models for the prediction of CKD and drugs side-effect
373The Rehab Reco – A Therapy Recommender System for Dementia
371Development of a Sound Localization and Identification Device for Enhanced Safety of Visually Impaired Individuals
360Integrated DC-Link Regulation and Reactive Power Injection Strategies for LVRT Compliance of Grid-Tied PV Systems
358A Minimum Variance Controller for Time-Varying Systems
357Dynamic Indian Sign Language Sentence Captioning System Using Machine Learning
356A Novel Approach to Solving Partial Differential Equations Using Kolmogorov-Arnold Networks: Enhanced Accuracy and Efficiency
354Patch Antenna Design and Analysis for 5G at 28 GHz
351Gesture and Body Position Control for Lightweight Drones Using Remote Machine Learning Framework
350SPP CNN: Spatial Pyramid Pooling for Optimizing Brain Tumor Classification
349Compressed Sensing for Image Communication with various Measurement Matrices.
348Integrating Data Analysis and Predictive Analytics into an Advanced Inventory Management System using Machine Learning and Deep Learning to Address Backorders
347A Comprehensive Solution to evaluate the Performance of the Openstack Cloud Platform for E-governance
344Review of Hybrid Energy Storage Systems for Enhancing the Efficiency of Fast Charging in Electric Vehicles
340Karatsuba Algorithm: A Paradigm Shift in Multiplication Efficiency